Why Is A Website So Expensive?

April 20, 2021 / Justin Widdop

We have all heard the saying “you get what you pay for” and in general this usually works out to be true. The higher the price of the item the better the quality and the more impressive the product. Of course, this is not always the case and there will always be purchases we make where this is not true.

There is also an English proverb that backs up the above which says, “Buy cheap, buy twice”.  Again, referring to the fact that normally the higher the price of the item the better it will be.

For most things we buy in life, there will be a wide range of pricing available for that item. Whether it be a car, property or technology, there are two ends of the spectrum when it comes to price. Many factors come into play that dictate the amount we will pay for the product or service we are buying, and that same principle can be applied to websites.

You can request numerous quotes for a new website, and you will probably find a wide range of pricing which leaves you scratching your head wondering how this can be the case. We are not here to say who is right and who is wrong, but we do feel we can shed some light on website pricing and why there can be such a range.

At Choose Purple the average business website will cost around £2000 plus VAT with prices ranging from £1300 - £4000 depending on varying factors. However, you will also see offerings for websites fat just few hundred pounds, so why the price tag?

Let’s cover some key points when it comes to website pricing and why our websites cost more than those few hundred-pound offers…

Your website is built bespoke just for you

A website will more often than not be created in one of two ways:

  • Designed using a template
  • Designed bespoke based on your needs

A templated website is as it says on the tin. The designer can select a template that they or you like the look of and then use that template to create your new website. It can then be a matter of replacing the text and images on the template to form the new website for your business. Depending on the website designers knowledge they could also look to modify the template to fit more in line with your business. The advantage of this is that it’s cheaper and quicker to create.

The bespoke design option is where the website designer will design your new website exactly per your requirements. They will take on board your goals, branding, services/products and business needs to create a unique website just for you. They will be able to create the website from the ground up exactly as you need.

This means your website will be built exactly as you want it to be with few limitations but of course, it’s more expensive and will take longer to build.

We believe that every business is unique, and your website should reflect that uniqueness. Your website is your main online shop window and creating a website that is built with your full business picture and goals in mind is important. There will always be space for templated websites, but we would always advise that bespoke design will help you grow your business much more effectively both now and in the future.

Yes, the website is going to take much more work and effort to create which means higher costs but that return on that investment will prove to be much greater.

Your website is built on WordPress VS. a cheap build your own platform

Most websites will now be built on a website platform called a content management system (CMS). There are lots of different systems on the market that can be used so choosing the right one for your website is important. The CMS that we use at Choose Purple is WordPress so we will talk from this perspective.

Many business owners are often wondering whether they should pay a professional like us to build their new website or attempt to do it themselves using a build your own website platform like Wix, Shopify or 1&1.

There are multiple website options available that give you the opportunity to build your own website for free or at very little cost. This can be attractive simply because of the money it can save you. If you are working from a tiny budget this can be the way to go but we would never suggest this if you want to be seen as a truly professional outfit.

When a website is built on a self-build platform it is normally obvious that this is the case so can show a lack of professionality and often, they do not rank well on Google and in the end, produce limited results for your business.

One final factor that many business owners miss when using self-building platforms is the fact that the website will always be owned by the website provider. You cannot take the website and move it elsewhere; it will always stay where it is which in reality means you don’t own it. It remains where it is from now to eternity and is therefore owned by the platform you have created it on.

When you have a professional build the website in WordPress you are having a website created in the world’s most popular CMS and you can read a blog here on why we believe WordPress is the best choice for most businesses, so we won’t cover this in great depth on this blog. However, let’s take a look at some pros and cons of WordPress.


It is fully adaptable so can create any website that is required

It is relatively easy to update

Your website can be scalable so as your business grows so does your website

Is proven to be good for SEO purposes

You are in control of your website destiny (it is owned by you)

It is super popular

It can be integrated with lots of other software systems


For a fully professional job, you will need to bring the experts in which costs

You need to keep the software on the website up to date

Some plugins if not researched correctly can be problematic

Naturally, as a website design agency, we are going to be biased towards allowing the professionals to do what they are good at. They do what they do day in and day out and they know what gets results. If you are looking for a professional website that will win you more business and demonstrate you as a professional outfit, then a professionally built website is the way to go. Of course, there is a cost implication for this, but a good website will more than pay for itself.

If of course you are starting out and have zero budget, then a self-build website is an opportunity to get you started till you can raise funds for a professional design and build.

You are employing an experienced and specialist team

In any industry, you will always get people that have been doing what they have been doing for a long time and those that are the new kids on the block. At the end of the day, we were all new to what we do once so this is not a jibe at anyone new to any industry.

The website design industry is a very competitive industry and new designers appear every single day so there is always plenty to choose from. However, often when you are paying just a few £100’s it is more than likely you are paying for little experience.

We all know that with experience comes failure. We all fail but from failure comes learning. The more experienced agencies that have been around for a while and have learnt from their many failures. I know we have. We have failed lots, but these have been our best lessons. When you deal with an agency like Choose Purple you are having a new website built by people that have been there and done it. Created hundreds of websites, learnt the lessons over the years and know what needs to be done to get results.

Also, because you are working with a team other than just one individual, you are dealing with specialists. You are having designers design and developers develop. You have experience marketers input into your website and the whole team collaborate on your new website, so it performs at the highest level. There is a proven process in place and customer service in place. Not here today and gone tomorrow. Of course, all this does mean you pay more. 

There is a proven track record

Before you book a holiday, what do you do? You check out the reviews on Trip Advisor. Before you spend money on a new product, what do you do? You take a look at the reviews to see if past customers are happy with their purchase. You are looking for proof. You want to see there is a proven track record.

The same applies to a website. When you invest your hard-earned money into a website you want to ensure you are getting value for money. The best way to do this is to:

  • Look at their previous work
  • Look at their reviews online

You can more often than not look at a website and tell the difference between a website that costs little and one that is more expensive. This may not always be the case, but it certainly should be. You should be seeing a high-quality website, that looks professional, that engages the audience and more than anything gets results.

Of course, all this should be backed up by online reviews whether these are on Facebook, Google, Trust Pilot or another such platform. If a web designer does not have proof or reviews this is a major red flag.

You can see the Choose Purple portfolio here and our Facebook reviews here and Google reviews here.

The devil is in the detail

We all know of work that we have paid for and upon completion, it has become obvious that corners have been cut. Bit by bit we discover that certain tasks we expected to be completed were not done and those tasks that were completed were not completed correctly. We see this happen so often with websites. When it comes to a website the reality is it can be easy to cut corners which means it’s vital you choose a provider you trust to do the job correctly.

When corners are cut, things are missed, and the finer details are not completed it’s much easier to charge less simply because the project will not take as long to complete.

The reality is there are so many factors that go into the design and build of a website and it’s so easy to underestimate this. There is a whole process that needs to be worked through (as talked about in the next point) to ensure the end results work for you. As you will see this is quite a process, but it exists to ensure the end product is of the highest quality.

A proven and detailed process

As mentioned above a quality end product need a proven process behind it to ensure that the work is of the highest quality.

Here is the step by step process the Choose Purple team undertake to ensure we hit the mark with every website we create…

  1. Enquiry received by our team
  2. Initial call to ascertain requirements and goals
  3. Send proposal to client
  4. Discovery call to discuss all project details
  5. Mock-up supplied
  6. Design feedback
  7. Start build with installation of WordPress
  8. Install page builder and plugins
  9. Build website home page as per approved mock-up
  10. Create rest of website pages
  11. Complete all menu items
  12. Add any additional content
  13. Add additional plugins
  14. Test all links and forms
  15. Ensures website full responsive across devices
  16. Page load speed tests
  17. Add all SEO (including Yoast plugin)
  18. Submit sitemap to Google
  19. Send website live

As you can see this is a fairly comprehensive list and the reality is there is even more to it than this. It’s not a job that takes just a few hours, and it requires professionals to outwork it. To create a website correctly and professionally it takes time, and a clearly defined process must be undertaken.

The sad fact is that most websites that you will come across do not have a proven process behind them which is why they don’t get the results that you are looking for.

A focus on the overall experience

We believe that a website should be a key tool in your business. It should be central to your success and ongoing strategy. Yet, we are fully aware that this is not the case for so many businesses.

A website should not just be a brochure that sits online and that is all. Sadly, this is where lots of websites start and finish. They can easily be described as untapped potential.

A website should be an experience for the visitor. Yes, we want them to find out more about you and what you do but also:

  • Learn from you through the use of educational content
  • Interact with you so it is more much of interest to the visitors
  • Be able to book meetings, get pricing and enquire
  • Watch a variety of videos
  • See proof of your work
  • Download additional content
  • Sign up to receive more info from you

Too many websites are far too basic and achieve nothing or very little for the owner.


Every business has to make wise financial decisions and ensure they are operating within their means. With this in mind sometimes money in the bank will directly impact the website you can have created for your business. However, this should be the only reason you cut costs when it comes to a new website, not because you do not want to invest.

A website that is strategically created will help you to win more business and therefore grow your business. It can prove to be one of the greatest investments you can make as a business. Yes, in the short term it requires money out of the bank but in the long term will add money to the bank.

The reality is, if something is cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. You can spend just a few hundred pounds and get yourself online, but the results will most likely be minimal. If you are serious about business growth and winning more business through your online presence, then an investment is needed for the reasons above.


Choose Purple are a website design agency in Sheffield that create remarkable WordPress websites that will win you more business. To get a quote on a new website visit here.





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