Why WordPress Has To Be The Number One Choice For Your Business Website

October 22, 2018 / Justin Widdop

There is much debate about which CMS (Content Management System) you should use to create your business website. We will always be shouting from the roof tops about why WordPress is the number one (and it is) and why it's perfect for pretty much any business.

Don’t believe us? Read on!

Some seriously huge brands use it

There is a myth that only small/medium size businesses use WordPress for their websites, but you could not be more wrong. Some huge brands have used and do use WordPress for their kick-ass websites.

How about these for size…

WordPress works - which is why many of the big boys now use it for their sites.

Easy to blog and update

It’s important that your website doesn’t stay static but is regularly changed and updated. One of the beautiful things about WordPress is that it’s easy to do this.

Anyone with basic computer skills can add blogs which means you can keep adding fresh and shareable content on the website. Not only does this give you good quality content but it will also help with your SEO.

Depending on your IT skills you will also be able to update your website in many other ways including text, images, galleries and news items. There really is no excuse for a stale website with the same content month after month.

Plugins galore

There are thousands and thousands of both paid and free plugins for WordPress. If you want to include particular features or requirements on your website, you can pretty much guarantee that WordPress will have a plugin for it.

When it comes to available plugins there is not a CMS out there than can compete with WordPress.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is the ideal CMS of choice when it comes to helping your website rank on Google. In our experience, as long as the right SEO is in place then WordPress pretty much always ranks higher than other platforms like Wix and Joomla.

In fact, Google Search Engineer, Matt Cutts who really is the number one when it comes to SEO, uses WordPress for his own personal blog – what more can we say?!?

Not only that, WordPress is renowned for:

  • It’s speed which counts towards your Google ranking
  • SEO plugins helping you optimise your website
  • Clean URL structures
  • Easy to setup and run SEO

If you want to rank higher than your competitors, then WordPress is a must.

Responsively Ready

Every business website needs to be fully responsive, so that it works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets. WordPress makes this easy with access to so many responsive themes. Whatever design, style and look you want, you are guaranteed to find it and it will be responsive.

If you are going completely bespoke or custom, then again, a responsive website is not a problem when building and creating that stand-out website in WordPress.

You can move provider/host

One of the problems that people come up against when choosing such platforms as Wix for their website is that you can never move that website from them. They have you tied in and if you want to move hosting or move the website to another provider you can't do so. A Wix website stays with Wix.

When it comes to WordPress, you can lift that website and move it to a new hosting provider whenever you want. If you fall out with your website designer (not us of course!) then you can move the website with no problem. It’s flexible and easy to move.

In reality, when you create a website through a Wix or SquareSpace-type provider, they own your website as it will always remain with them.

Customisable so you are in control

The myth that WordPress is a basic platform and cannot be customised is just not true. WordPress allows us to create stunning bespoke websites for your business.

Some platforms (as we’ve previously mentioned) don’t allow for much customisation which means it’s a challenge to create websites that really do impress, compared to your competitors. They are basic systems and therefore deliver basic websites.

If you want a website that is built to impress, then WordPress is the way to go!

See just a few of the huge selection of WordPress websites we have created here:











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