Can I Have My New Website Next Week?

May 24, 2021 / Justin Widdop

Some things are worth the wait. Summer holidays, a new house, booking in at your favourite restaurant and the list goes on. Such things don’t happen at a day’s notice, they take time and patience.

The same applies to a website. To build and design you the perfect website for your business is a process that takes time. It’s not an overnight process and needs to be done correctly so you get the results you are looking for. Cut corners or rush the process and you end up with a website that achieves very little, and no one wants that.

When working with Choose Purple we will always give you an estimated time frame for a new website which on average will be around 6-10 weeks. Of course, it can be longer or shorter, but this is an average time.

There is the expectation at times that your new website can be done and dusted in a week or two, but this is not the case. It just does not happen this way if you want results.

Here are 6 reasons you cannot have your website next week…

  1. Good website designers are managing multiple projects

    If I am being told I can have a website designed in a week or two then I am worried. How can they do it so quickly? Where are their other clients? Why is their diary empty?

    Any business that is good at what they do is busy. They have lots of customers and people wanting to use their services. Of course, the same is true for website design agencies. If they are good, they will be busy.

    A good website designer will be managing numerous projects and they will all be at different stages of the process. When a new client is taken on board, they will go through the same process but of course start at the beginning.

    Every client is vitally important, but it's important to understand that great websites require great teams that are managing numerous projects that are all important.

  2. A proven process needs to be followed

    Most website design agencies will have a process that they go through to deliver the final results. Most processes can be quite similar with tweaks based on the agency’s experiences and preferences.

    Through our years of designing new websites we have honed our process over the years to what it is today. The process that each of our website builds go through has stood the test of time and we know delivers the right results. You can read about our process in full on this blog post.

    Our process is comprehensive and detailed because we refuse to cut any corners. If you want a professional website that will deliver, then it's important that the professionals deliver the right finished product. Any website that is designed and delivered in a week or two would be of concern with regards to the level of detail and effort that has been put into the project. What was their process?

    Naturally, because a process is followed the project will take longer, but better this than a website that is unprofessional with no attention to detail.

  3. Your website is going to be created bespoke for you

    Every business is different and individual. You have your own brand, style, goals, personality, tone of voice and values. Your website needs to reflect this and not just be a cookie cutter template that many other businesses have.

    Websites that are built using a template or theme can be created much quicker than when the website is built bespoke for you. You can purchase a template, add your content and away you go. Your new website maybe live quicker but it’s not fully you, will look like many others and it will not be all it can be.

    Every website that we create is created bespoke for our clients. We dig under the bonnet of your business as part of the discovery process, so we fully understand what you are about. We then create your website based on who you are, what you are wanting to achieve and your unique business fingerprint. No imitations allowed at Choose Purple.

  4. We need to ensure the website is fully tested

    Would you get on an aeroplane before it has been tested? Would you buy a new TV before it's tested? Of course you wouldn’t. For both of these examples there are regulatory bodies and legal tests that have to be in place before you can jump on a plane or add a TV to your home. With websites, it’s different. There is no regulatory body and in reality, a website agency can do as much or as little testing as they see fit.

    This is why it’s vital you find a website partner you can trust to do what is best for your business and not what is quickest and easiest for them. Tests need to be done on your website to ensure that it’s performing at its highest possible level. Tests such as:

    • Responsivity across devices
    • Speed
    • Cross browser
    • Security
    • Spam protection
    • Broken links
    • Forms
    • SSL
    • Redirects

    This is in no way a comprehensive list but does give you a small insight into a number of the tests that need to be performed to ensure any new website is going to perform. All these tests take professional experience and time. This may mean the website build takes a little longer, but you have peace of mind that when your new website is live it's ready for what it is to come.

  5. We will need the relevant content

    A website needs the right content to ensure it engages its audience. Too many people focus on a nice-looking website as the main aim, but this is a mistake. A website cannot be all style and no substance. Yes, the style of a website is of course very important, but it’s not the only factor to consider. Thought and care needs to be given to what is the right content for your website. Content needs to be written for your website that is:

    • In the right tone for your business
    • Informative
    • Educational
    • Engaging
    • SEO friendly
    • Aimed at your ideal client

    It’s not a matter of just throwing some words together and that is it, your website content is one of the keys to website success.

    Google are now putting more and more importance on the quality of your content. They want your website visitors to enjoy the experience of being on your website and your content plays a big part in this. You also want your content to help you lift your Google rankings, so the keywords used in your text is also important.

    Whether you are writing the content for your new website, or we are doing it on your behalf, this all takes times. It’s never a job that takes a few minutes or even a couple or hours especially the larger your website is.

    Not only that we also have to look at the images and videos that will appear on your website. What images are we using? Do you have your own image? Do we need to purchase stock images? Do any videos needs adding? All these are key questions that will impact on the length of time it will take to build your new website.

  6. Remarkable is the always aim

    Choose Purple are all about one thing – remarkable WordPress websites that win you more business. If you cut us open that is what we bleed. This is our mission and the focus of every website job that we undertake.

    We want to create you something that is truly remarkable. Not just another website where little thought and creativity has been applied. We want something remarkable; it’s what you and your business deserve.

    What is vital to understand is that this does take time. It’s not an overnight job, and we need to ensure we apply all the above. No cutting corners, quality design, correct coding, full testing, the right content and the list goes on. Yes, there is no question that a new website can be turned round in a few days or a week or two, but I wouldn’t want one for my business. Corners will have been cut, details will have been missed and results will be minimal. That is not what I want for my business, and I am sure the same can be said for you. Your new website might take a little time to create but the wait is well worth the results.

Choose Purple are a website design agency near Sheffield creating remarkable WordPress websites that win you more business. If you would like to talk to our team about a new website for your business, then you can get a quote here or contact us here.

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