How long will it take to build your new website?

December 21, 2018 / Justin Widdop

You know the saying “How long is a piece of string” well this applies to the above question. The length of how long it takes to build your new website relies on so many different aspects. When considering your new website for your Doncaster based business you need to consider all the below points as these will all impact on the length of how long it takes to build your new website.

A clear and detailed brief

To get your website build off to a great start the best approach that you can take is to create a detailed brief. Give your website designer all the details so they are fully in the know about the whole project.

When creating a website brief consider the following:

  • A brief insight into your business
  • Details on your current website such as what was good about it and what was bad
  • Goals for your new website
  • Some examples of websites you like and why you like them
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who will be providing the content for your new website?
  • Details on your brand such as guidelines, logo and other branding
  • Do you already own the domain?
  • What features do you want on the new website?
  • How many pages will the website be?
  • Who will maintain the website once it’s live?

The truth is that the clearer and more detailed you can make the brief then the smoother the project will be for you and your website designer.

Good communication

Communication is key to any successful relationship and the same applies here. Regular communication between yourself and your website designer is important. Both parties need to be open about:

  • What will work and won’t work
  • How long the project will take and what timeframe deadlines are in place
  • Where the project is at as the website build takes shape
  • Design aspects they are not happy with
  • Who is responsible for what and sticking to these agreements?
Content and images

The one thing that slows down most website design projects is the speed at which content and images is provided to the website designer. Your new website can only be taken so far without content. Your website designer will need images and text for every page of the website unless it is agreed that this is being provided from somewhere else.

It’s not uncommon for website projects to be delayed for many months due to the lack of content being provided. This can be frustrating for all parties so an agreement on this at the start will help to ensure a quicker and smoother process.


The complexity of your website build will play a key part in how long the whole project takes. Obviously the more complex the website project and the more special features it contains the longer the project will take.

It’s important that you are clear from the start on what you want the website to do, any features you would like it to include and anything that might be a little out of the ordinary.


If mid-project you decide you want significant changes or additions to the website that were not part of the initial brief, then this will have a huge impact on the project. This will not only impact on the time the project takes to complete but also the cost.

The whole project is based on the initial brief so if mid-project that brief changes then that ‘curveball’ will of course mean that the timeframes and budget will also need to change.

On average a standard website design will take between 8-16 weeks depending on the busyness of your website designer and the points above. If the website build is particularly large or complex, then it can take much longer.

A successful and smooth website design project is what both the client and designer desire so applying the above points will result in this happening.

Choose Purple are a website designer near Doncaster. We work with clients both locally and across the UK to create attractive and impressive websites that get your business results. If you are looking for a new website or changes to your current site, then do make contact with us to discuss your project. We would love to talk with you.

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