What are the Essentials for a Successful Website?

January 10, 2019 / Justin Widdop

If you’re building a business, you need a website to support it. Without an online presence, a Doncaster-based business can only rely on word-of-mouth marketing and it won’t get nearly as much custom as it deserves. Going online needs to be a key aspect of a marketing strategy for any business.

So, you need a website and a good one at that; one that hits all the marks. But what are the marks? What do you want your website designer to include? It’s hard to know when you don’t work in design, but we’re here to help. Here’s some helpful features you really need to consider if you want to ensure your website gets results for your business.

Get that Wow Factor

That’s what you need. When potential customers first see the site, they really need to be wowed. If it appeals aesthetically and presents a professional air, they are likely to trust you as a knowledgeable firm and keep reading about what you do. If not, the sad fact is, they leave and don’t return. Customer lost.

Make it Responsive

Another thing that will stop customers sticking around, is a lack of responsiveness. A responsive website is one that adapts to multiple screen sizes and therefore is usable on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile too. A website that doesn’t work on all these is not good, as it cuts out most online clients nowadays who are now much more likely to use a handheld device to view a site.

As a client, you also don’t want to have to pinch or scroll to see all of the on-screen information. Instead, have your web designer adjust the fit of all web features for you, so that your website looks wonderful whichever device it’s on.



Clear Navigation

You always want your website to be clear. So when it comes to having your Doncaster-based website designed, make sure that it is navigable. You want your pages to have logical names, so usually a Home, Services and Contact page at the very least and be in an order that makes sense. These should be noticeable at the top of each page as layout conventions dictate. Make it easy for visitors, don’t confuse them.

Don’t over populate and confuse your website – make it super simple for your visitors to find what they want with ease.

Call to Actions

To help increase the speed of conversion, web designers also use Call to Actions as shortcuts. For this, you have to ask yourself, what do I want my website viewers to do next and include shortcuts to these things. There is no point in selling your Doncaster-based services if there’s no way for clients to actually invest in those services. Button links straight to a contact form, for example, will improve your conversion rate dramatically. People want to find what they want with ease otherwise they get bored of looking and give up trying, so make sure these are sorted. This could be a Buy Now or a Contact Us link straight to your business information.

Include a Contact Page

Business and contact information is one of the most important parts of a company website. Make sure that your give your website designer all the correct information about your company so that people can contact you. This usually includes an email, address and phone number. Don’t just include these on your contact page, like we have said, ensure your website has plenty of calls to action and make your phone number or contact details obvious across the website.

On the other hand, you could also supply your on online form on the website and make it easier for both parties. You get their message directly and your clients don’t have to fuss around.

Optimise your SEO

You want your Doncaster business to be searchable, so you need your site to be SEO-optimised. This means tweaking the site – and the back end of the site – to include keywords that will help you pop up more in Google’s search algorithms. This will rank you higher and hone your sales to your target audience, who will likely be the people who are searching those words and phrases. For a Doncaster-based business, you definitely want to ensure that your SEO includes location tags (word strings such as near Doncaster, in the Yorkshire area, etc.) as these pointers will help you pop up sooner for the right people; the people who will feasibly be able to approach your company.

Keep Maintaining

Also, any site can put up content, make a set-up, but someone who maintains and updates their content is the real winner. You want your clients revisiting your site, so you have to make sure you keep their interest otherwise they won’t keep coming back.

Ways to do this could include timely new blogs, product offers, videos, reviews, social media content (always good to include posts AND links) and much, much more. The list goes on…but always remember, it’s the companies with limited content that receive limited customer interest. New enticements are always appealing. They generate your business steady custom and give more chances to optimise your SEO, climb the Google ladder and widen your customer reach.


With these elements your website will get results. Your content will be better catered towards your target market and sales will soar. In applying all the points above, your Doncaster services will assuredly result in the clients you desire, so get your website wowing!

Choose Purple are an all-in-one website design company near Doncaster, working with clients across the UK. Our mission is to create successful websites that work for clients and generate rapid results in their areas. If you are looking for website improvements, maintenance or redesign, contact us today to discuss your business propositions.

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