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Why Should I Vectorise My Logo Design?

The logo is possibly the most integral visual feature of any company’s branding. It is in fact the face of your business. It’s a design that’s on everything from websites, to billboards, to business cards.

So essentially, you want your logo to be on lots of designs and more than that, you want it to make an impact. This means it must be built in a good-quality format and not be blurred or skewed in any way. When we design logos for our clients, we design in the best format, vector files aka EPSs (encapsulated postscript).

Here’s why…


When having your initial logo designed you should always insist on a vector file. Why? Well… a vector is an image graphic that is not made up of a pixel grid, but a series of paths. A path can be a line or polygon but because they don’t comprise of pixels, they never look blocky or blurred.

Unlike raster graphics, which use pixels (like JPEGs and PNG files), vectors use these various paths to make up the image. In short, vectors provide a flexibility for image manipulation that rasters just don’t – you can blow it up to any size without it pixelating or being poor-quality; the edge will stay smooth and sharp. Scale is not an issue.

This is brilliant for designers because it means that a logo vector (or any other vector for that matter) can be resized any which way. They can be created small enough for use on business cards and at the same time, be stretched out large enough for poster-sized prints or billboards that are EVEN BIGGER. There’s so much more scope and yet no downgrade in quality.


On the same note, it’s save-out can be in almost any file format (JPEG, PNG), colour profile (CMYK, RGB) and size (pixels or DPI) – it’s all up to you. It’s like a master copy for all image types.

When having a new logo designed, it’s not about having one limited logo created, but it’s about having a logo in all file formats that can be adjusted for anything, ANYTHING!


What I’m saying is it’s all about versatility. Vectors work for every eventuality. This is why designers ask for them; they just do more.

Choose Purple always provide logo designs in various formats (as mentioned above) but they all actually span from the original EPS (vector). Unlike the rest of the file formats, the EPS is good for both print AND online, and can be changed at any time, so ensure you have one and you’ll be covered.

In summary – vectors are versatile, sharp and re-sizable, so totally worth the money and while other companies may not offer them, you need to make sure you find one that does.


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