Why Mock Up When Getting Your New Website Designed?

January 7, 2019 / Justin Widdop

If you don’t know what a mock-up is, you need to. Every website design should come with one and if your designer isn’t offering one, you ask! Your mock-up is your one and only template to which all other pages of your website are based. So essentially, if you don’t like it, it’s more than likely that you won’t like the rest of the site. Thankfully though, that’s why it’s there. It opens up the opportunity to go back on what’s been done, before the build is well and truly underway; it gives time to make amends.

For this reason, Choose Purple ensure that every web client has a mock-up to view (often the home page), so that clients can decide whether we’re doing well in designing to their ideas. We find that most people who are given mock-ups for approval get their project’s online much sooner, so it’s without a doubt a great resource to have…


A Preview

As a web design client, you want your website to be how your brief says you want it. You also want the ability to say no to bad ideas that are suggested along the way. Issue is, how do you spot these design errors without seeing the actual design? Bring forward the mock-up…

Mock-ups work to show clients the content, aesthetic and structure planned for their websites. They allow you to see the essence of your design and ensure your ideas are being heard – so never be afraid to ask for one! We know that with your new website, you don’t want to end up settling for a design that doesn’t appeal or bring in viewership. Your designers want your website to be successful too, so always know that they will take on feedback and amendments you ask for unbegrudgingly. Businesses don’t like unsatisfied clients and they’ll work to stop that happening in any way.


It’s changeable! No one wants the stress and embarrassment of asking for long lists of alterations. With a mock-up, you can work out the elements you want to alter and have less worry requesting site re-works. Remember, it’s always easier to make edits in the early stages. If designers receive your final approval before they start the build, less of everyone’s time is wasted and your launch gets underway sooner, so make sure that you push for this option if it’s offered.


Finally, one of the best things about the mock-up stage is the anticipation. It excites us so much to see clients’ concepts taking shape, and the websites aren’t even being made for us! So as a client, seeing the stage your site is at must offer so much reassurance. It shows that the designers understand your brief and are going ahead with it in the right way. Honestly, it will give you such a sense of excitement knowing that your ideas are all coming together, taking form and reaching the point where you are proud to launch your website. We all want that for you.


Choose Purple provide a mock-up for every new client we design for. We pride ourselves on our high-quality service and so provide as much as possible for our clients in terms of site previews along the way. Our design team all enjoy bringing sites to success, generating the leads people want, not the leads they had. If you’re not working with us though, trust us that having that design confirmation offers so much reassurance so always make sure you ask that they provide one for you.


If you’re looking for a high-quality website to drive your business forwards the team at Choose Purple would love to help. Contact us here.

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