Purple 2015 Social Media Predictions

December 11, 2014 / Justin Widdop

2015 is getting real close so we thought now is the time to give you our 3 ‘purple predictions’ for social media in 2015.

I’m sure you’re using social media in some way to promote your brand and engage with new clients, so here’s some help to get you ahead of the curve.

Have a read.

  1. Watch out for Google+

    In the UK we are constantly hearing “No one is on Google+, so what’s the point”? But, I remember when the same was said about Twitter.

    Mark my words people, Google+ will become a key social media player and will come more to the fore in 2015. We all appreciate the power of Google, no one can compete with them as a search engine, they have added YouTube to their army and Google+ has so many advantages to the small business – not least, it helps you be found.

    If you ignore it for too long you will regret it. Get on it and get ahead of the curve.

  2. People are losing interest in Facebook

    If Google+ is going to grow then it’s the opposite for Facebook. Our oldest and dearest social media platform is constantly changing, but for the worst. They are constantly pushing for us to spend money on advertising and making it more difficult to be seen on potential clients news feeds.

    People are already getting frustrated and this will only end in people pulling away unless something drastically changes.

  3. Videos will take more focus

    We live in a world where if you want to be seen you need to do more to stand out. Text is becoming less and visual stimulation is becoming more.

    In 2014 videos have become increasing more popular and the same will happen as we move through 2015. People want to be impressed and they want you to grab their attention.

    Statistics prove that images help you be seen; well if that's the case, how much more will videos? As we move through 2015 you will find that if you can bring videos into your marketing strategy you will start to gain even greater traction and momentum online.

Well there’s our 3 predictions, feel free to let us know yours.

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