Let’s talk Facebook Live

November 1, 2017 / Justin Widdop

Some love it, some hate it and others admit to be being somewhat fearful of it. Facebook Live might well be getting more and more popular but it certainly does divide opinion.

Personally we love it. It…

  • Takes you out of your comfort zone
  • Means getting your face in front of a camera
  • Takes time to properly prepare what you are going to say
  • Scares the hell out of you

BUT in saying all that, if you can get past the above, it really is a great resource for businesses and organisations to expose their brand and add value to their audience. We have watched our fair share of Facebook Lives and some are great whilst others not so great, but hats off to everyone who has given it a go.

We know some people are never going to do it (and that is fine by the way) but for those that are on the edge and still plucking up the courage to do so, here are some tips we have learnt along the way.

Feel the fear and do it anyway

You want to do it; you have thought about it many times but have not quite got there yet. Here is the advice we had to take on board…


Everyone that attempts Facebook Live feels the same. They are all fearful, they are all scared but go on, you can do it!

Have something to say

Of course it’s also important to actually have something to say and something that people want to listen to. Don’t get started on Facebook Live for the sake of it, do it because you have something to say.

Scratch where your audience is itching, keep it simple and go for it.

It doesn’t have to be perfect

No one is looking for the perfect live recording. The beauty of Facebook Live is that it’s raw and not always going to be clean cut. If you have a half decent mobile phone, then you have what you need.

Too many people wait for everything to be perfect and then it never happens.

Don’t spend the first few minutes faffing

It might just be a gripe of ours but we see too many Facebook lives start with lots of faffing. It’s either sharing the video in groups or even waiting for people to start watching.

One of the first rules of communication is grab your audience at the start, this also applies to Facebook Live, so please don’t faff.

Give it some life

Ok, so everyone is different with different personalities but if you’re going to do Facebook Live then give it some life. Shyness is not an excuse for a lack of enthusiasm.

If you’re clearly interested and passionate about what you talk about then others will be. If you’re not, then don’t expect much from others.

Add value

Facebook Live is not there to sell your products from. Yes, you can mention what you do, you can talk about offers and so on but don’t make that your key subject every time. You will quickly turn your audience off.

Instead add value. Talk of what is of interest to your audience and let the world know you know what you are talking about when it comes to your field of expertise.

Test and test some more

You won’t get it right first time and that’s ok. What is the best time to go live? How long should you talk for? What should you say?

People may give you plenty of advice but the way to get results is to start now and tweak as you go.


If you need help maximising your online presence, then speak to the team at Choose Purple. There is not much we don’t cover in the world of digital, so if you have any questions then shout out to us here.


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