Is Your Branding Working For Your Business?

March 29, 2017 / Justin Widdop

We deal with brands of all different shapes and sizes. Some are vibrant, professional and give us a great first impression of who they are and others, well let’s just say they don’t. I am sure you could say the same.

A brand says a lot about an organisation. People judge. People form an opinion on what they see. People decide shall they progress with you.

Here are 5 questions to ask about your branding:

  1. Is it consistent?Branding need to flow. Whatever marketing I engage with from your organisation I need to know very quickly that it is you.

    If your website is branded a certain way, then your business card another and then your social media something completely different, what is that saying about you? As I move from your website to your Facebook, to receiving an email from you, I need to instantly recognise it is you.

    Is your branding consistent or just confusing?

  2. Is it attractive?They say looks aren’t everything and this may well be true but they are important, especially when it comes to your brand.

    Most markets are crowded and being found amongst your competitors is one of the biggest challenges that most businesses face. This is why a brand that makes an impact makes a difference.

    What makes you stand out? What is different about you? Why should clients stay on your website?

    Time needs to be spent asking these questions to help ensure that your organisation attracts potential clients before they turn to your competitors.

  3. Is it a reflection of you?It is always good to have the brand represent the person behind the business. Does yours? If you are a little bit cheeky then is your brand a little cheeky? Alternatively, if you are ultra-professional then does your brand portray this?

    Don’t be scared to have your stamp on your branding – be loud and proud! Of course the more your organisation grows and employees more staff the greater than challenge in this area. The solution is to start as you mean to go on!

    When people move from viewing your brand to actually engaging with you whether online or in person, does what they connect with match the brand they first encountered? Does your online tone of voice represent your actual voice?

    All questions that need to be asked and answered.

  4. Is it active?Don’t play hide and seek with your brand! Are you getting your brand out there so you are easy to find? It’s ok having a brand that you are proud of but if no one is seeing it and engaging then you are doing yourself a disservice.

    Is your website up to date, are you active on social media and what about a blog? There are more outlets than ever before to get your name out to your target audience, are you using them?

    Your clients are out there, the question is, are you reaching them?

  5. Is it working for you?The biggest question that you need to ask is, is your branding working for you? Does it make you proud?

    You must love your brand, because if you don’t, why should anyone else. Maybe it is time to ask yourself the hard questions. Getting your brand as you want it to be can be a process but it is short-term pain for long-term gain.

    Your brand is who you are. It’s your initial touch point, a reflection of you and your business, can you realty afford to get it wrong?

If you need to discuss your brand then do talk to us, we would love to have a conversation about your current branding. Whether you need a few tweaks or a complete rebrand, we are here to help. Just contact us.

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