Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

November 27, 2020 / Justin Widdop

To redesign or not redesign, that is the question?

A redesign of your website can be an expensive move to make so getting this right is an important decision for any business owner. Naturally you want your online presence to gain results for your business so to help you understand more about when you should make the move, here are our 8 reasons you need to be considering a website redesign.

1. Your current website is old, stale and out of date

Most things in life become out of date at some point. Remember when we only had 4 TV channels, the Nokia mobile phone and Rainbow was a popular children’s TV show? Times change and so should your website.

Whatever you see the purpose of your website as you must ensure that it reflects the quality and professional standards of your business. We assume you don’t want to be seen as:

  • Behind the times
  • Lazy and disinterested
  • Out of date

When potential clients visit your website and they find that it’s out of date and old and stale this is the exact message that you are sending to them. Make no mistake many people are looking at your website and deciding if they should do business with you. Is it sending the right message?

2. Not generating leads

As much as we all want a pretty website that looks great, we also want it to generate leads for our business. Your website should be focussed on generating your business leads and enquiries. There can be lots of reasons why this is not happening and some key reasons are:

  • The website has not been optimised for Google
  • The website has been left alone and no new content added
  • The website is too slow
  • The website has no or few call to actions
  • The website has no proof of the quality of your work

The above are just a few reasons but if your website is not generating you new business, maybe it is time to think about a website redesign?

3. You are embarrassed to promote it

We come across so many business owners that are actually embarrassed about their website. They don’t want to promote it or mention it to people. I think we all know that this is not a strong position for a business owner.

You need to have a website that you are proud of and that you love to show off. You need to know that it’s professional, wows your audience and is attractive to your potential clients. Your website is your online shop front and no one wants an ugly shop front.

If you are embarrassed about your website, then it’s time to think about a redesign!

4. It’s not mobile responsive

Statistics show that at least 70% of your audience view your website from their mobile phone and in some case that percentage can be much higher. Do you know your statistics for this? You need to and this data can all be found within Google Analytics.

It’s vital that your website works correctly across all devices. So, whether a potential client is viewing your website on their laptop, phone or tablet your website should be working perfectly. Users should not be having to zoom in and out, not be able to see certain information and it not look professional just because they are viewing from their phone.

Ensure your website works perfectly across all devices, if this is not the case, is it time for a website redesign?

5. It’s slow

The speed of your website matters more now than it ever has done before for 2 key reasons:

  • Most people don’t have the patience to wait for your slow pages to load
  • Google prefer faster sites and will rank accordingly

We all know how annoying it is waiting for a website to load and this should not be the case for you. Google want your website to load within 5 seconds but ideally in under 3. There can be many reasons as to why your website is slow but regardless of the reasons it’s not something you should accept. Often there can be fixes put in place that can speed up your website but if not, it’s more than likely time for a website design.

6. It’s tough for people to find what they want

As we have already discussed, people want to find what they want to find, and they want to find it quickly. As much as people don’t want to wait for your slow website to load, they also want to find the info they require without any unnecessary hassle.

Your website should apply the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid. In other words, make it super simple for people to access the key elements of your website.

Have you heard of the 3 click rule? The rule says that people should be able to find what they want on your website within 3 clicks. Does this happen on your website? Is the navigation clear and can people easily find what they want? If not, again it’s more than likely time for a website redesign.

7. Your business has evolved but your website hasn’t

There is nothing more constant than change. Everything around us evolves and changes as the years go by. This is certainly the case with technology. We live in a digital world and your business must evolve with it.

We cannot be driving around in nice vans, handing out good-looking business cards, using the latest iPhone when talking to clients, typing on a fast laptop but then owning an ineffective and old website. What does that say about us?

Yes, the website world is fast moving, and most websites needs a refresh every few years but if your website is built professionally and by a good design team it can last for a good few years and help you grow a successful business.

If your website is left in the dark ages and has not evolved with you and your business, it’s time for a website redesign.

8. You are falling behind your competitors

Every business has competitors, and I am sure that you are no different. Most industries are now over saturated and competition levels have never been higher. The truth is that there will be many websites promoting the same thing as what you do and if they are investing in their website and you aren’t, you are falling behind.

When your potential client is looking at a few websites to compare products and services and you go up against your competitors who has the better website? Who has invested and ensured they have a website that wows?

If that is not you, maybe now is the time to act. You need to be competitive online, if not you are simply getting left behind.


Choose Purple are a website design agency located in Worksop, near Sheffield. Our team design effective and professional websites that generate results for our clients. If you want to discuss a website redesign you can tell us about your project here or call our team on 01909 478622.



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