Should I Still Be Using Twitter?

December 1, 2017 / Justin Widdop

We have been hearing an awful lot recently about people’s negativity towards using Twitter. Such comments like:

“I don’t bother with it anymore”

“I have never understood it anyway”

“It doesn’t work for me and never has”

We have to admit that Twitter is not what it once was. It has lost its edge and doubling the amount of characters you can use in a tweet is not the answer BUT we still think it has value for many businesses.

Here’s our top 5 reasons why using Twitter can still work for your business.

1. It’s great for customer service

Due to its incredibly fast nature, many companies are successfully using Twitter in assisting customers with their queries. Yes, it’s done in a public arena and can sometimes prove to be a little messy but showing you deal with your customer’s enquiries quickly and efficiently shows you really do care about them.

Customers want quick answers and Twitter is the ideal platform for this.

2. You can build an audience for free and at speed

To build and grow your audience on a business Facebook page now means you need to invest in the likes of Facebook Ads. Their algorithms are constantly changing, normally making it more difficult to stand out and grow your audience. If you want to grow a large audience on Facebook, then it more than likely will come at a cost. Twitter however is still the best platform for growing a targeted audience and doing it quickly.

It’s still straight forwards for you to follow accounts and for others to follow you back. If you want to speak to an ever growing targeted audience, then Twitter might just work for you.

3. Networking hours

One of the greatest benefits of Twitter over recent years for small businesses has been its many networking hours. Happening every day at a variety of times you can find networking hours to get involved in. Normally based around locations or industries, you have audiences sitting there that you can get involved with.

From #weddinghour to #englandhour there are 1000’s of them. Why not take a look?

4. It’s ideal for networking

Being on Twitter will give you opportunities to meet and talk to other business owners and potential clients that you would never normally get the chance to network with.

Your next client could be waiting for you, why not find them.

5. Its search facilities

One of the main advantages of using Twitter is their search facilities. No other social media platform can compete with this. It really can be used as a lead generator. If you offer ‘flyer delivery in London’, then type that into the search box. If someone is looking for this and has typed that search term in a tweet, then you are going to find them. Such a simple task that many don’t utilise. We actually found our first few clients using this very technique.


We do agree that Twitter is not what it once was but it’s far from dead! It can still be used and utilised for your business, so now is not the time to throw the baby out with the bath water.


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