How to Smash It on Social Media

November 9, 2018 / Justin Widdop

Every business should have a stunning social media presence; it connects people to your business, promotes your brand and drives traffic to your website. The trick is to manage it and market it to those who will want your service… and that’s where most go wrong.

There is no point in just messaging the many, when many don’t need your help. Here’s some tips on how to target the definite demographic who do and tilt them towards you, not your competitors.

1. Work out which platforms work for you

Each social media platform is different and so reaches audiences in different ways. Take time to understand how each social platform works and what each uses to popularise its pages. Like for example, LinkedIn uses connections and group relations to bring you together with a client, whereas Twitter tends to use hashtags to hone a person’s search in on you. Once considered, you can then pick and choose which media you’d prefer to work with. Cater your choices towards your customers and their likely whereabouts.

2. Schedule it

Schedules are always successful in keeping your work regular and on time, even we have one for our blog content! It never hurts to plan out posts beforehand and will certainly stop last-minute stressing over what to write. Last-minute (more often than not) = low quality.

3. Include varied content

Make sure you have lots of varied content for your viewers to see, as it will shake up their scroll through of samey messages. Post content that captures what it is your company provides but most of all, add value to your target audience. Posts like these:

  • Videos and lives
  • Blogs and article links
  • Stories and real-life posts
  • Advice, tips and much more…

People who react to your posts are much more likely to recall your company for future reference. On top of this, track the reactions to work out what draws in your audience the most.

4. Interact!

Social media sites are – as said – social. Continue to communicate with potential clients as you go along, by replying to commenters on your own posts and by commenting yourself in group pages. Reacting to their responses will make them happier to involve themselves in future. So, start-up conversations and always keep a watchful eye on feeds for those who want what it is that you’re selling.

5. Promos and testimonials

It is vital that your business looks the part so, when you can, post promotional images as an example of your quality service. Seeing IS believing and if they like the look of what your company can do, you may just have claimed another buyer. Testimonials too, can work to big-up your brand, putting your business across positively to others. Truly, people trust customer feedback much more than self-proclaimed excellence, so always request reviews and feedback from clients after working with them.

6. Keep it casual

Still remember that you are here to build a better relationship between your clients and company. What you want is for people to start revisiting your services, but not by force. Don’t pelt them with promos. Keep chats casual and conversational; offer a helping hand, and not a forceful push. You're right, your page is used to flaunt what you have, but only so that people can then contact you of their own accord.


All in all, we have seen that clients using social media who construct consistent strains of posts, generally have faster growth rates, and especially those who engage with clients in new and interesting ways. Be sure that you too have an expansive range of posts planned out, so you can be the ones smashing it on social media.


Choose Purple are a digital marketing agency located near Sheffield. If you are a business owner looking to boost your online presence, feel free to contact our team here.

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