Are You Harming Your Website SEO?

November 22, 2017 / Justin Widdop

If you are looking to improve on your Google rankings, which let’s be honest we all are, there are certain bad SEO practices you need to be aware of. There are steps you can be taking that you believe are helping you, whilst in fact they are having the opposite effect.

Read our 5 SEO practices that are hindering your SEO progress.

1. A slow website

Did you know that Google care about the speed of your website?

You need to ensure that your website loads in under 5 seconds (preferably less). It not, Google are on to you. Also, it's important that your website stays alive and is not always experiencing down time.

The key to this is a good hosting provider and a website built in a solid and modern CMS like WordPress. Yes, there can be more to it but they are most certainly the first steps.

2. Repeating your content

To have duplicate content simply means that you have the same content (wording) across various pages on your site. What Google require is content that is unique and not duplicated.

Truth be told we don’t believe that Google are going to punish you for this (if anyone has proof otherwise let us know) but it's not good practice and is not certainly not going to help you appear higher than your competitors.

Don’t be lazy and keep your content fresh and unique as you move from page to page.

3. Keyword stuffing

You absolutely need to include your keywords in your content but don’t go crazy people!

Your content will sound and look like spam when it contains keywords that are mentioned numerous times in close proximity. Yes, use your keywords but make sure that they are in the right places so the text makes sense and is relevant. Google are concerned about the user’s experience so keywords stuffing is a big fat no, no. When Google comes searching they will believe you are trying to con them and this is not a fight you want to take on.

4. Broken Links

Every website will end up with broken links over time if you don’t keep on top of it. It happens but Google don’t like it, so be aware.

Remember, they care about the user experience and websites being kept up to date, so which website will they prefer, the one with no broken links or the one with 10? You know it makes sense.

The truth is broken links are one small factor when it comes to SEO, so if you do have a few it’s not going to cause you major issues but it’s definitely worth keeping on top of. Now and again simply go into Google Webmaster Tools to correct any links that maybe broken.

5. A non-responsive website

Again, we are back to the user experience. If your website is not optimised for mobile phone and tablet, then this is bad for the user. They spend their time faffing around on your website on their mobile phone trying to find what they want because it's not responsive. This is not good for the user and Google don’t like it.

As more and more people are viewing websites from their phones this is becoming more and more vital. It goes without saying that websites that are not optimised for mobiles will start to appear below those that are.


Of course there are many more factors that play their part in your SEO. From simple things like ensuring your website has a favicon to more complex factors as hidden text. There is no doubt that SEO can be a complicated animal but avoiding some of these simple errors can help your gain more clients through the wonder that is Google.


If you are looking for help with your SEO then do get in touch. We can create you a FREE SEO health check letting you know how your website is performing and what can be done to help you perform better. Just contact us here.

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