Finally, Googles Clear Stance on SEO!

February 7, 2024 / Justin Widdop

Google can certainly be a complex animal at times but to their credit, they have recently brought some real clarity when it comes to SEO for your business website. If you are a business owner that takes your marketing seriously, then you need to know this!

The key details that Google have released bring a clearer picture of how your website will appear on search results when people are searching on Google for your type of business.

Here are the main takeaways that you need to know…

Takeaway 1

Search engine snippets are not directly taken from your meta description but instead from the on-page content on your website.

What does this mean?

A snippet is the text that appears on Google’s search results to answer a searcher’s query. Whenever you are searching on Google you will be presented with the snippets from websites (see below).


How does this impact my website?

When people are searching for your business online Google are now paying more attention to the text on your website pages than they are to your meta description. They are more likely to rank you from your on-page content than they are from your meta description.

Takeaway 2

Google may choose to use your meta description if it gives a more accurate description than the on-page content.

What does this mean?

A meta description is still important as Google may still use this for your ranking IF it gives a better and more accurate description of your page than the actual text on your page.

How does this impact my website?

We are now seeing how important the on-page content is to Google so it’s important to get this right and that it clearly describes what the page is about. If it doesn’t then Google may use your meta description for ranking that page instead.

Takeaway 3

Adding keywords to a meta description is not the main objective anymore. The purpose of a meta description is not to entice clicks from Google.

What does this mean?

It’s old advice that your meta description must involve your keywords. A meta description does not exist to win clicks.

How does this impact my website?

Do not use your meta descriptions for keyword stuffing. This is old and bad advice. Again, focus on the on-page content.

Takeaway 4

The correct use of a meta description is to accurately describe what the website page is all about.

What does this mean?

The focus when creating a meta description is that it describes what your page is about. Keywords are not and are no longer the focus.

How does this impact my website?

Make sure your meta description focuses on a clear and concise description of what your page is about instead of the keywords you want to be found for.


The days of packing your keywords into a meta description are over.

This information is not an opinion from a marketing company but instead comes from Google itself. Applying this to your marketing strategy is vital if you want to improve your website rankings. Your on-page content is becoming more important to Google and this is where they want you to put your attention and focus.

We would recommend that you take a look at your website content and ensure it is helping and not hindering you. Ask yourself the below questions for each page of your website…

  • Is this content well written?
  • Does this content make sense?
  • Is the page giving our website users a good experience?
  • Is the text clearly explaining the focus of this page?
  • Are we including the right keywords on this page?
  • Are we giving Google enough words to work with?
  • Are we breaking the text up into easy-to-read sections and bullet points so I am not putting our website visitors to sleep?

There are so many more questions we could look at but the above are a good starting point.

Your on-page content is vital so give it the time and resources it needs so your website gives you the return on investment your business deserves.


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