Facebook Management for Beginners

October 9, 2017 / Justin Widdop

We were asked this morning by a client of ours, are business owners really on Facebook? Do they really use it? Our answer to both these questions was a big fat yes!

Facebook is a thriving online community that can be easily utilised by business owners to promote their brand, reach their ideal client base and gain new customers. Why wouldn’t they use it?

If you are new to Facebook, not maximising it’s potential or not using it to grow your business then here are some simple tips to get you started with Facebook management.

  1. Ensure your business page looks the part

    The first step for any business is to open a business page and ensure that it’s completed correctly. Make sure that you have a professional looking cover image and profile picture. Also, complete your bio by adding all the information that you can. The amount of Facebook bios we see that are not completed correctly really is shocking. Just take a few minutes to get this all in place first.

    Next, you need to ensure that the call to action box is completed. This you will find underneath your cover image. This makes it easy for people to contact you, message you or whatever step you want people to take based on the choices available.

    Once your page is as it needs to be then it’s time to get some likes for your page. The best place to start, is to invite your friends to like your page. If you scroll down on your page, then on the right hand side in the community section you will see that option. Simply scroll through your list and invite the ones you choose or simply invite all. You are not going to build your business in the long run by doing this but it will give your page a good start.

    Finally, it is advisable to get some reviews added to your Facebook page. Send an email to some of your trusted customers and ask them to go to your new page and review you. This will add credibility to your page.

    Once you have taken these steps this will put you in a position to really start to promote your business on Facebook.

  2. Join some groups

    As well as personal profiles and business pages there are also thousands and thousands of groups on Facebook. These are groups that exist based around a common theme. It could be industry related, where you live, a networking group you belong to or pretty much anything.

    Our advice is to join some select groups and start engaging. Just like networking in person you have to get involved, you cannot just sit in a corner and wait for people to come and find you, so get active.

    You cannot get involved in groups under your business name, only as yourself. So as long as you are happy with that, go exploring groups that will help your business.

  3. Post regularly

    A Facebook page with zero or limited posts is as bad as not having a page at all. What does an empty page say about your business?

    Get posting and do it consistently. It doesn’t have to be multiple times a day, maybe start once a day or every few days and get into a routine. Also, start to engage with other posts, other groups and work on getting your name out there. The more you can be pro-active the more the reward. Life is all about what you put in you, will get out and this is no different.

    If you are not sure what to post, then think of your audience. What do they want to read? What will benefit them? Whether it be industry news, videos, tips, facts, questions or images, the main thing is stop delaying and get started.

  4. Run a giveaway

    One of the most effective and quickest ways to grow your audience is to run a giveaway. They are very popular on Facebook.

    Simply purchase a prize that is attractive to your audience (shop vouchers tend to work well) and then have people like your page and share the post to be in with a chance of winning. If you can then spend a few pounds on boosting that post it will prove to be a very effective way of adding likes to your page and growing your audience.

    P.S. Do note that Facebook rules do not allow giveaways that encourage likes and shares but you will literally find multiple thousands out there every single day.

  5. Utilise Facebook Live

    One of the trends that many people are utilising is the ability to speak direct to your audience through the power of Facebook Live. You now have the ability to put your face right in front of your potential customers at any time. This is not to be underestimated. Many businesses are using this to engage and promote their brand with great effect.

    Of course it does help if you are confident in front of a camera and a good communicator but for many it is about giving it a try and using it as another way to get your business name out there. Everyone is nervous when they first start to run Facebook Live sessions but often it is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

Need help with Facebook management? Not enough hours in the day to manage your Facebook? No problem, we can take care of it all for you. Utilise the power of Facebook for your business without lifting a finger. For one set monthly fee our team of social media experts will do all the work so you don’t have to. Just contact us to discuss your requirements.

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