Why you have to beat the website visitors 8 second rule!

February 23, 2016 / Justin Widdop

Statistics show that if you don’t give your website visitors a reason to stay on your site within 8 seconds the chances are you will lose them. It seems irrational and even unfair but first impressions really are everything.

We are making our judgements quicker than ever before which means our online presence needs to be sharp, immediately attractive and downright impressive. The days of website visitors patiently looking through your wsite to find out more about you are over and instead they arrive saying ‘impress me’. The greatest challenge for any business who wants to succeed online is to immediately attract the potential new customer and cause enough interest that they will want to investigate further. That is no mean feat, however it is possible.

Here are our top 3 solutions to helping you beat the website visitor 8 second rule:

  1. Ensure your website is responsive

    A responsive website is no longer an option for your business; it’s an absolute necessity. If your website is not responsive (does not work properly on mobile and tablet) then not only will you be penalised by Google but you will also be losing potential customers.

    Patience is at a minimum and if your website is not easily readable on a mobile phone then you are already behind the front runners in your industry race. Mobile shopping has now overtaken desktop with people making online purchases more on mobile devices than while sat on their PC at home.

    If a user cannot view your website correctly, if they have to zoom in and out to view the site and your menus and links are not working correctly on a mobile, you seriously need to look at potential solutions.

    It’s time to go responsive!

  2. Introduce video

    Stats say that someone will spend 2 minutes longer on a site which contains video than those that don’t. That is huge and goes a long way to smashing the 8 second rule. Also, with 65% of people prepared to watch more than three quarters of a video the inclusion of a video on the home page of your website can make a huge difference.

    We have all heard the saying that pictures say more than words, how much more a video? If potential clients arrive at your site and can watch a professional video that explains how your business offers a solution to your needs, then your website analytics are going to drastically improve A video that’s just 1 minute long can be one of the most cost effective solutions to increase your online sales.

    It’s time to go video!

  3. Haver clear CTA’s

    A study by SmallBizTrends found that 70% of small business B2B websites lack any call to action, and that’s why they have a high bounce rate and a low conversion rate.

    It’s the mistake we see over and over again. Our website is telling people how great we are or what we offer without telling them how to respond. It’s the job of your online marketing to move a customer to action. They don’t just need to see what you offer but they need to know what to do next.

    Ensure your website has a clear CTA regards what you want your customers to do. If you are offering a product, then make sure they can easily buy it. If you want a user to visit another page on your site, then make sure you make it clear and provide a link with a compelling reason for them to click through.

    A lack of clear CTA’s is one of the biggest mistakes we see on websites. Take a look at your website today and ask are you making it easy and are there clear CTA’s for potential clients?

    It’s time to add your CTA!

Here at Choose Purple we specialise in online marketing and can help you turn your website visitors into customers. Contact us here regards your website and we would be happy to talk through potential solutions.

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