The Advantages of a Social Media Manager for Your Small Business

February 14, 2017 / Justin Widdop

Running social media is a time consuming task. Whether posting, growing your audience or dealing with in coming questions or comments, it all takes time.

Many small businesses know they need to be on social media and understand there is value in it but just don’t get the time to make it happen. Even if they do squeeze some free time to get socially active they don’t necessarily have the skills or knowledge to do what needs to be done.

If this is a good description of you and your business, it might be time for you to consider outsourcing your social media management. A social media manager can take care of all your social media requirements and make sure you are getting the results that you require. So, what are the advantages of a social media manager?

  1. Frees up your time to run your business

    Time is one of our greatest resources and this is true for all business owners. The list of jobs never seems to get shorter and everyone wants a piece of you. Dealing with clients, generating new leads, dealing with staff, sending invoices, ordering stock and the list goes on and on. Is it realistic for you to manage your social media?

    Once you outsource your social media this then frees up time for you to do what you do best. It ensures that your social media is working for you but you can focus on running your business. Remember your time is valuable so if you can outsource jobs that need to be done but you don’t have to do them that can only be a good thing.

  2. You achieve social consistency

    One of the key failures for many social media accounts, especially for small businesses, is a lack of consistency. With the best will in the world, you want to be posting but again, time is the issue.

    We speak to many companies about social media and the intention to manage their social media is there but the time to do is not. Many open a social media account and for a week or two they start to post but then other jobs are added to the list and the social media management ceases to exist.

    Many of your customers expect you to be on social media and if you are not they want to know why. In 2017, social media is not so much an option but more of a marketing necessity.

  3. You have professionals doing what they do best

    You are the professionals at what you do and the same goes for social media management companies. It is what they do each and every day. They know the latest trends, they keep up to date with important developments, they know the tricks of the trade and how to maximise your social media potential.

    What would take you years to learn they have already learnt? When you outsource your social media, you are bringing expertise into your business. Not only are they promoting your business on social media you also have access to knowledge that you can draw on if required.

  4. Your brand is getting the exposure it needs

    Businesses require exposure. The more you get word out on your products and services the more chance you have of people doing business with you. Social media is perfect for keeping your brand in the mind of your potential customers.

    Often people are not ready to buy from you immediately but at some point, they probably are. Keeping your brand in front of them on a regular basis will be vital in ensuring it is you they do business with when they are ready.

    Of course there are a variety of methods you can take to ensure this happens but we can assure you that social media is one of the most powerful tools for brand awareness.

  5. You won’t miss those all-important leads and enquiries

    Ever missed a Facebook message or a tweet? For most people the answer to this question will be yes. When this is an enquiry about your products of services, this becomes a big problem that needs to be avoided at all costs.

    When handing your social media management over to a social media manager you can ensure that these important leads and enquiries are dealt with efficiently. Your social media manager knows that it is part of their responsibility to deal with engagement on your social profiles ensuring that incoming chatter and questions are quickly responded to. This can be a major asset to your business especially if that customer makes a purchase. This is how social media can give you an excellent return on your investment.

If you are looking at outsourcing your social media do talk to us. We have a range of packages available on our social media managemnent website which you can see here or we can produce a bespoke package designed just for you. Do contact a member of our team to see how we can help take your social media to the next level.

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