6 social media tips you need to know

November 11, 2015 / Justin Widdop

We are in the process of putting together our first ever eBook entitled ‘75 Social Media Tips You Need To Know’. It’s 75 bite sized social media hints that will help you maximise your social presence. We are hoping to release it real soon but we have been saying that for a little while now. Anyone would think we were busy running a business…

However, what we thought we would do is take 6 of them and give you a quick exclusive preview here. Oh what a treat, we do spoil you. So without further ado, check out these 6 quick fire social media tips taken straight from our upcoming eBook (hopefully).

Here goes…

  1. Use images

    Of course on such platforms as Instagram and Pinterest you have no choice, but make sure you involve images on the other platforms too. We are not saying on every post, but at least now and again. Take two extra minutes to add an image to your Facebook post or tweet and see those posts receive better engagement. You know it makes sense!

  2. Show your passion

    Don’t be bland, don’t be boring and don’t do beige! We are all about standing out from the crowd and you have to do the same on social. It’s a crowded market so don’t be dull. If you are passionate about what you do then make it known. If you’re not passionate about what you do then it’s probably time to find another job but that’s for a different conversation. Show you have personality and allow your personality and passion for what you do shine through. It’s attractive!

  3. Check and double check your posts

    Keep it professional! Before you hit that tweet or post button and promote that spelling mistake for the world to see, give it a check and then check it again. The world is watching so we may as well get it right.

  4. Remember its social

    No one wants every tweet you send to be selling them your latest product or service. By all means sell what you do but aim for around 20-25% of your posts to be sales based. The rest of the time add value, keep it social and remember you’re talking to real people, so keep that in mind.

  5. Include customer reviews

    We are amazed by how many social accounts don’t use customer reviews to show off how well they are doing. If you can get a customer to shout about you in a tweet then do it. Also, why not get some great little one liners from clients that you have done work for and share it on your own account – what works better than a good news story from a client?

  6. Pin it

    Did you know that at the top of both your Twitter and Facebook pages you can pin your favourite or most popular post? When a potential client comes looking that will then be the first post they see every single time. It’s easy to do and a great way to maximise your most engaging posts. Just make sure you don’t leave it up there too long or what was once interesting can soon become a little stale. Keep it fresh!

So there’s a random 6 for you. Hope they help!

We are working on the other 69social media tips and hope to have them available real soon… till then… enjoy!

Here at Choose Purple we help businesses just like yours gain more clients through social media. Need help? Get in touch here.

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