5 Reasons to Include Video in your Marketing

April 6, 2017 / Justin Widdop

We are all trying to get the name of our business out to potential clients. The more our name is out there the more clients we pick up. Simple!

There are so many marketing options available to us both online and offline it can be easy to spend money here there and everywhere in hope that some of it will work for us. One of the most popular methods in 2017 is video marketing.

With YouTube now ranking as the second largest search engine more and more businesses are turning to the power of video.

Not sure if video marketing will work for you? These stats may well make you think again…

  • 100 million internet users watch online video each day
  • It is 50 times easier to achieve a page 1 ranking on Google with a video
  • Videos get shared 1200% more than links and text combined
  • More than 4 billion hours of video are viewed every month on YouTube
  • Video drives 157% more organic search traffic

With all that in mind, here are 5 reasons you may want to include video in your marketing.

    1. Pictures say more than words

      If pictures say more than words then how much more a video?

      We live in an ever-increasing visual society. We are not here to say that words don’t work but we are saying that adding a video to compliment words is a sensible strategy. If your potential customers can spend one or two minutes watching a video that helps them understand more about your service or product this will most certainly help you generate more leads. A video can bring your services to life and help the watcher connect with what you are providing. Check out this video we did here for a client that did just this.

    2. Helps with SEO

      Everyone is fighting to appear higher up the Google rankings and anything that can give you a lift above your competitors is worth considering. With search engines now including video marketing as a way to measure where your website should rank having a video on your website is no brainer.

      In addition, when you include a video on a page or blog post all focussed around the same keyword it will help give you an SEO boost for that keyword.

    3. It’s cost effective

      Many people think that as soon as we talk about video pound signs start to appear and this is simply not the case. Yes, to create a professional video does take time, skill and resource but it certainly doesn’t have to cost the earth.

      You can now get a creative animated video for a few hundred pounds. Based on the extra leads that this will generate your new video is guaranteed to give you an excellent ROI. A video will most certainly help you generate more sales ensuring that it gets you an ROI that other marketing methods simply can’t compete with.

    4. Make an impact

      The beauty about videos is that when they are done well, they really do leap from the page. They are the perfect solution to impressively communicate a simple message about your business, product or service.

      They help your potential customer easily digest the information you want to feed them and build a personal connection with them. Video could well be the marketing edge you have been looking for.

    5. Your website visitors will stay longer

      You have to give your potential clients a reason to stay on your website and not vanish after a few seconds. When you add a video to your website, you are giving the visitor a reason to hang around. Again, we are not saying text doesn’t work because good copy is essential but by adding a video, you are automatically increasing how long people stay on your site.

      If a visitor arrives on your website and spends a few seconds skim reading the text, then what? If the text doesn’t automatically grab their attention they are going to click on another page or even worse, visit another website. However, a video option will tempt them to click and watch, grab their attention and tell them exactly what you want to hear. It really is a simple but effective addition to any website.

Video marketing is creative way to communicate with your audience. Why not take a look at some videos we have created for clients here. If you would like to discuss a video for your organisation then do contact us.

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