5 Priorities for your 2017 Digital Marketing Plans

January 3, 2017 / Justin Widdop

When a New Year comes around there are always a number of priorities and jobs that require our attention, is your digital marketing one of these factors? Of course, a priority for us all over the next 12 months is to gain more clients. Who doesn’t want that?

As you look ahead over the next 12 months in terms of reaching more people to gain more clients here are 5 priorities you need to consider when it comes to your digital marketing plans.

  1. A well balanced website

    Balance is important. Get it wrong and everything falls over.

    We often see mistakes made when it comes to website balance. Many people look at their website with bias and their focus is normally weighed towards one of the following:

    • The look, style and design
    • The navigation and customer journey
    • The marketing and sales focus

    All three of these factors are vital in every website but personal biased normally will mean that a website leans heavily towards one of these factors to the detriment of the others.

    If a website looks great but the customer journey is complex the website is not doing its job. Likewise, if a website gives clear calls to action and is set up well marketing wise but looks ugly will people really do business with you? We think not!

    It could well be time to take a look at your website through fresh eyes.

  2. Video

    We live in the YouTube generation!

    Whether to help communicate your company message, improve your SEO, showcase your work, lift your social media presence or launch a new product or service, video is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Statistics overwhelming show that videos receive more traction and engagement than text and images.

    A well put together video or series of videos included in your digital marketing plan could be the ideal addition this year.

  3. Blogging

    The rise of blogging was extreme in 2016 and that trend will continue throughout 2017. It is no longer about having a blog for the sake of it but the advantages are clear for all to see.

    • Improved SEO
    • Shareable social media content
    • Communicating your industry knowledge

    If you are looking to expand and grow your online presence over the next 12 months, then blogging has to be part of your 2017 strategy.

    Read our recent blog on 10 tips to maximise your business blog.

  4. Focused social media

    Most (if not all) businesses understand the need to be present on social media but many do it with little or no strategy. To enter the social world without a plan can sometimes be worse than not been active at all.

    Consider the following:

    • Are you on all the social platforms or the right platforms?
    • Are you just posting any content or the right content?
    • Are you randomly growing your social audience or growing an audience of potential customers?
    • Are you reaching everyone and anyone or a focused group that are of benefit to your business?
    • Are you busy on social or are your productive on social?

    Wherever you find yourself, ensure this year is not just about being present on social media but focused on getting results. There is a big difference!

  5. An optimised website

    Remember it’s not just about a great website design but it is about ensuring your potential customers are finding that great design. When people want information they go to Google, that is everyone’s first port of call. When people are searching for businesses in your location and industry do they find you?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not easy and is certainly not a quick fix but you need to start somewhere. Is your website optimised for SEO? What is being done on a regular basis to improve your standing?

    This is without doubt the greatest one challenge for small and medium sized UK businesses this year.

If you need help to ensure 2017 is a success, then do talk to us here at Choose Purple. Our team are experienced in getting results so whatever digital marketing you need help with this year be sure to contact us. We are here to help!

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