5 Keys to Effectively Manage Social Media

January 19, 2015 / Justin Widdop

Most people understand the power of social media. We live in a world that is incredibly connected so it’s important that as businesses we plug into this power to help us achieve our goals and objectives.

Social media can be a major asset to your business. It can help you promote your brand, deal with customer enquiries, generate new leads and engage with potential clients.

How you manage social media for your business will determine the results you get, so we have pulled together 5 keys that will help you manage your social media accounts. We could have given 50 but that would make for a long and boring blog so we have picked 5 for you.

Here goes…

    1. Understand it’s social

      Remember the key is in the name – social media is social.

      When running a business account it can be easy to spill into being 100% corporate in our approach and forget that behind every account is a human being. Yes, we need to run our accounts with professionalism and excellence but we also need to tap into the human nature of each account.

      Social media accounts that cause an emotional reaction, ask questions and solve solutions will always get greater engagement. Before posting or tweeting ask how can I cause a positive reaction from my followers?

    2. Don’t just sell

      Social media is not a platform for 100% sales. No doubt you want to get sales but having an approach of sell, sell, sell will have a negative effect. If every post or tweet that your followers see from you is trying to sell them a product or service it probably won’t be long before they hit the un-follow button.

      We would recommend that around 25% of your posts are sales oriented and for the rest of the posts, see point one.

    3. Use images

      Statistics show that social media posts with an image receive greater engagement. We live in an image-centered culture so it makes sense that if you can include images when you post it’s going to help you engage with your audience.

      When you use images it’s also going to help your tweet or post stand out from the rest that don’t have an image. You also don’t have to be a professional graphic designer either, there is a great tool called Canva (www.canva.com) that will help you produce great looking images that you can use to help you stand out on social.

    4. Make adding value the priority

      With all the different social media accounts that we manage we always take the approach that our priority is to add value to our followers. It we can add value, we will generate interest, if we generate interest we get interaction, if we get interaction then we build relationships which may lead to new customers.

      Social networking is just like networking in person. If you go into a networking meeting with the attitude of “what can I get?” it normally won’t deliver for you. However, if you go in asking “what can I bring to the table?” you will get success. Social media is no different!

    5. Be you

      Let the personality of your business come through your social media posts. If you are a young and vibrant company then let that show. Ensure your images and tone of voice match the ethos and heart of your business.

      The worst thing to do is to try and be something or someone that you aren’t. There is nothing as powerful as you being you!

We manage social media accounts for a range of businesses across the UK so if you would like a discussion about how we can help you, just contact us here.

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