5 Essential Elements for your Website Design in 2015

January 5, 2015 / Justin Widdop

When we talk about the online presence of your business, your website is your face and let’s be honest – no one wants an ugly face!

Digital marketing is continually advancing and the next 12 months will only see this progress further. As a business owner you have to work hard on ensuring your online presence works for you and helps you grow you business and achieve your objectives.

It’s particularly that your website works for you, so here are 5 essential elements that your website design must have in 2015.

  1. A Friend to Mobile

    It’s no longer an option to have a website design that is not responsive. More and more people are searching for your business using their mobile phone. If your site does not function correctly on mobile phones you probably just lost that new customer to a competitor.

  2. Free of Clutter

    You site needs to KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Too many sites contain too much information and the reality is if the user cannot find the information they require quickly and without hassle then they are going to vanish very quickly.

    Your website design needs to be clean and clutter free.

  3. Clear Calls

    Your website design is not just meant to be a pretty looking online presence – it needs to be a powerful marketing machine. This means each page needs to call people to take some action.

    From each page of your site you need to decide how you want people to respond and give them that option to take. Make it easy and make it as clear as possible. If you want them to click on a button to find out more about a special offer then give that call to action. If you want the user to click on a link to see more about the product then make it clear.

    Call people to make the move that you want them to make and make it easy for them to do so.

  4. Linked to Analytics

    How is your website doing for you?

    Are people visiting your site, where are they visiting from, what pages are working and what are not and how long do people stay on for? If you don’t know the answer to these questions then you need to.

    It’s vital to the success of your digital marketing that you review how your website is performing then if necessary you can act and make the necessary changes you need to make to attract new customers.

    Google Analytics is a free tool that will do all this for you.

  5. Look More and Talk Less

    We live in a world where people want to be able to see more and read less.

    Of course your site needs to contain clear information and text to communicate to the potential customer and also helps you be found through search engines. However, don’t underestimate the use of bright, crisp and clear images that can communicate just as effectively as 1000 words. If you can use video, then even better.

    A great website contains the right text but mixed with great professional looking images and well put together videos.

    Remember people look more and talk less!

If we can help you with your website design then do get in touch. We can provide you a FREE consultation where we will take a look through your website and provide a review complete with any necessary pointers to help you take it to the next level. It’s a completely 100% no obligation review – what’s not to like! Just get in touch here.

Also, if you need help with installing Google Analytics then get in touch too.

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