4 Reasons to Avoid Cheap Websites

September 3, 2018 / Justin Widdop

Everybody wants to feel like they have got a good deal when buying something new. We all want to get bargains for our business – it’s only natural. However, when it comes to your website, it's important that you get this right. It’s not an area where you should be cutting costs; it’s something you need to maximise.

Your website is the window to the world. It should be generating leads and reaching new clients. It should be demonstrating the quality and professionalism of your business and should be central to promoting your brand online. Getting your website right so that it’s bringing results is vital for the growth and development of your business.

With that in mind, here are four reasons why you need to avoid cheap websites:

1. Quality costs

Like in any area of business, to purchase a quality product, it will cost. We all know this to be true. Therefore, if you're being offered a website for a couple of hundred pounds, you need to consider “what is the quality of this product”? If it's being put together cheaply and by people that are not professionals, is it really going to generate leads for your business? Is it honestly going to show you as a professional company? Is it just going to sit there and achieve nothing, gaining zero results for your business?

It’s not just about having a website; it’s about having a quality online presence that gets results. Cheap websites are often cheap for a reason - gaining your business little, if any results.

2. Balance costs

A website is not just about looking pretty; it's about marketing your business in the correct way.

There are 4 areas that make a good website and it’s important that the balance is right in all of them.

They are:

  • Design that’s of high quality
  • Marketing that’s on point and converts
  • Navigation that’s simple and clean
  • Correct use of SEO

You need to look at your website strategically and ensure that the balance is right. Too many business owners go for a quick fix by throwing a couple of hundred pounds at a cheap website and within a short period of time become disillusioned with it. Too often we hear:

  • “My website doesn’t represent my business well enough - what can I do?”
  • “I can’t be found on Google - why not?”
  • “My website is generating no leads - what do I need to do to change this?”

There are lots of factors that go into producing the right website for your business and cheap websites just don’t cut it!

3. Service costs

We all want to receive high quality customer service from our providers. We want to know we are being looked after and given quality after care. If you are going to pay for a cheap website design, the chances are you are not going to receive the service that you want.

It's vital that you find a reputable company that will do a good job but also provide quality after service. Ensure that you ask for case studies and testimonials from your prospective supplier and ensure that they are going to be able to deliver the after service that you need for your business.

We have lost count of the amount of conversations we have had with new clients that are unhappy with previous website suppliers’ service and this is often down to purchasing cheap websites.

4. Experience costs

We all need to find suppliers that have got the experience to deliver what they say they are going to deliver. You need to ensure that whenever you agree on a website build and design, that the supplier has the experience to deliver the quality that you feel you deserve. It’s no good purchasing a website from someone that's simply not up to scratch (which many are not).

It’s important that you deal with a reputable, experienced company that have proven track record in delivering websites that look great but also generate leads. The truth is, this costs. There are plenty of ‘fly by nights’ or inexperienced and under qualified options out there but I wouldn’t want to entrust my business website to them. Do you?


We have dealt with so many clients that have come to us after having horrific experiences when trying to purchase a cheap website. Ensure that you check out any potential suppliers and ask have they got the ability to deliver on what your business needs? If you want a quality website, you need to ensure you find a quality supplier and the truth is – this costs, but the investment is worth it.


If you are looking for a quality website designer, then do speak to the team here at Choose Purple. We are an experienced team of professionals delivering high quality websites to businesses across the UK.

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