Our 2018 Website Design Predictions

February 6, 2018 / Justin Widdop

The digital world is ever changing especially when it comes to website design. Blink and the chances are you will miss something. 2018 is set to be no different.

When it comes to website design, what are we predicting for the next 12 months?

1. Even more clean and simple

KISS is a terminology we use an awful lot at Choose Purple – ‘Keep It Simple Stupid’.

Gone are the days of crowded websites that scream, ‘let’s get as much info on the home page as we can’. It’s not about cluttering your website with this, that and everything. It’s much more about taking a strategic approach to your website design that will result in more traffic, more enquires and therefore more sales.

Big images alongside a clean and simple design is now the order of the day.

2. Video

Video has never been bigger. In fact, it’s huge.

Videos are a super effective way of communicating your message instead of just text. Yes, text still has its place for many reasons but videos impact in a way that text never can.

Not only do videos creatively and effectively communicate your message, they help with your SEO and when done properly give a professional and creative impression of your company to potential clients.

Check out some videos we have created for our clients here.

3. Images

Images make a difference. They help you stand out, make an impact and add weight to your content. Often the bigger and more creative the better.

If possible have some professional photos taken for your website. A few hundred pounds invested in professional photos will truly make all the difference. If not, get hold of some impactful stock images and do us a favour – avoid the cheese.

4. Forget above the fold

Over the years the saying ‘above the fold’ has been widely used in website design. In other words, the information at the top of your website, before people have to scroll down is classed as above the fold. This was always seen as the information people see first and therefore the most important.

This traditional and old fashioned concept is quickly vanishing because it’s becoming much more difficult to define what is above the fold due to users viewing content on screens of all shapes and sizes.

What is above the fold for you is different for me due to what I am viewing the website on. Instead we will see a movement towards new styles of scrolling and displaying key information on websites in more creative ways.

RIP to above the fold.

5. Mobile! Mobile! Mobile!

You have all seen the statistics stating the amount of people that view your website on mobile or tablet and not their desktop computer. These are not lies!

Websites cannot be built for just desktop anymore, in fact they need to work just as effectively, if not even more effectively, on a mobile phone and tablet. With the amount of screen sizes, differing software and options available, building websites that impact across all the devices and screen sizes is becoming increasing more difficult but it has to be done. This is why when having a new website built you need to carefully choose your supplier. They must have the skill, knowledge and expertise to ensure they can build your new website across all options. A website that is not built fully responsively will without doubt perform much worse than those that are.


Your website is one of you most powerful marketing tools, it should be generating you leads, exposing your brand and demonstrating your abilities. If not, maybe it’s time to make a change.


If you would like a FREE review of your website, then we would be happy to help. We will send you a detailed report plus video feedback. We put all websites through a bespoke detailed check so you have all the facts to hand. No more guessing if your website is performing, our feedback will tell you all you need to know. If you would like to benefit from this contact us here.

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