10 Twitter Tips Everyone (Including You) Need to Know

February 6, 2017 / Justin Widdop

Do you use Twitter? Are you maximising its potential?

We manage social media accounts including Twitter for many clients so as you can imagine we have picked up a number of Twitter tips along the way that we thought would be good to share with you. So if you are fellow tweeter here are 10 quick fire Twitter tips to help you along your way.

  1. Pin your most popular tweets

    Did you know that you are able to pin one of your tweets to the top of your Twitter page so that when visitors come along to check out your page this pinned tweet will be the one that they see first? So whether it be a special offer or your latest blog, pin it to the top of your page to create even more exposure.

    Its super simple to do, just find the tweet you want to pin, click on the little downward arrow in the top right had corner of your tweet and select ‘pin to your profile page’.

    Job done.

  2. Utilise Twitter lists

    Have you used Twitter lists?

    There are multiple thousands of Twitter lists waiting for you to view. Anyone that has a Twitter account has the ability to create and view lists. People create them for industries, locations, competitors and much more.

    You can add anyone you like to a list, in fact there is a good chance that you are in a list whether you know about it or not. To find out simply go into your Twitter account and if using a desktop computer you will see on the same info as how many tweets you have sent and how many people you are following how many lists you are in. On mobile and tablet it works a little differently. If you go into your profile and click on the little cog on your page there you will see the lists you are in.

    Why not go find some lists that will be helpful to you? Find a Twitter account of interest, go to their profile click on their cog and see what lists they are in.

  3. Get involved in Twitter hours

    There are hundreds of networking hours that take place each week across Twitter. More often than not, these are centred around locations and take place at the same time every week. This means that you can go on to Twitter at the same time each week and promote your business to potential clients in your area.

    Twitter hours always work with a hashtag at the front such as #MidlandsHour or #YorkshireHour. So go searching to find your local hour and get involved.

  4. Stay active

    Twitter is not for the apathetic. It is without doubt the fastest moving social media platform there is.

    If you really want to maximise its potential you need to be active. One tweet a week or even a day won’t get you very far. If you are serious about Twitter, it can work for you but you will have to put the hard yards.

  5. Be intentional with your audience growth

    There really is little point in tweeting to the same audience week after week, you need to grow it but this doesn’t happen by itself.

    The best and easiest way to grow your audience is to follow people that you want to follow you back. If you follow 100 people normally, around 20 will follow you back. Then in a week or twos time simply unfollow those that haven’t followed you back and repeat the process. Software like Manage Flitter can make this job much easier.

  6. Optimise your page

    When people search you out on Twitter it’s important you make a good first impression. Do make sure that you have completed all the info on your profile. Things like your bio and website address are absolute necessities. If people want to know more about your business and what you offer this is where they will look. If there is nothing there what does that say about your business?

    Also, ensure that you have an attractive and branded background image and profile picture. Again, this says a lot about your business so this is a good opportunity to leave a good first impression.

  7. Search for leads

    Have you used Twitter to search for potential leads?

    It is so simple to do so. Go to the search bar and type in what your customers might be typing in to search for the products or services that you offer. For example if you are a wedding photographer type in ‘in need of wedding photographer’ and related phrases. You may well be surprised at what you find.

    This works better for some industries that others but it does work!

  8. Use hashtags

    This may well be teaching you to suck social media eggs but do use hashtags on some of your tweets. It will widen your reach and help you reach different people. If you are not sure what hashtags to use then Hasgtagify is a great tool to use.

  9. Use images

    Images on your tweets are more important than ever before and now when you add one it doesn’t use any characters. It used to cost you 23 of your much need characters every time you posted an image but Twitter made a great change when they made it cost you a big fat zero characters.

    Twitter is fast moving and to stand out use images as much as possible.

  10. Don’t use a mention at the start of a tweet

    There is one change to Twitter that has caused a little confusion. If you are mentioning someone in a tweet, e.g. @choosepurpleltd Twitter assumes you are replying to the owner of that handle. This means that this tweet is hidden in your followers’ stream unless the follower follows both you and the person you mention.

    As much as possible if you are mentioning someone in your tweet don’t start the tweet with the mention.

Hopefully you found these Twitter tips of use. If you need help with managing your Twitter account or in fact any of your social media accounts do get in contact with us. We manage accounts for a range of business across the globe and would be happy to help you maximise your social. Talk to our team today. 

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