10 Social Media Tips For 2023

November 29, 2022 / Justin Widdop

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… the social media list keeps on going and going. Clubhouse disappeared as quickly as it arrived, and one or two other new platforms look like they will be raising their heads in 2023.

It’s fast-moving and it’s powerful, but social media can also be overwhelming and frustrating. What to do and what not to do? What platforms to be active on and which ones to leave well alone? What to post and when to post?

To help you make the most of social media here are our top 10 social media tips to take you into 2023.

Don’t over-commit to one platform

As we write this article Twitter is holding on but if you believe what you read it could vanish any minute. Since Elon has taken the reigns, he has ripped it apart and its time as a social platform could be over.

What does that mean for businesses that rely on Twitter for income? Believe me, there are plenty that do. What are they going to do?

This is the problem when we rely on one or two avenues for business. We should never throw all our eggs into one basket. When it comes to social media don’t lean too heavily on one platform as you never know what the future holds

Keep it varied

Variety is the spice of life, and this is certainly true when it comes to your social media posting. There are way too many businesses that can only be described as boring when it comes to their social media.

You cannot expect to post the same stuff week in, and week out and expect people to consume it and enjoy it. It simply won’t happen. Your social media needs to be thought through, creative and have variety. You need to be mixing up your content and running different themes and post types on a regular basis.

Stop overselling

There is nothing worse than social accounts where every post is ‘buy my stuff’. It’s disengaging, repetitive and off-putting. It will not work for you.

To take this approach is the online version of the heavy sales approach. The ones where they harass you and hunt you down for the sale. You don’t like it when it is done to you, so don’t do it online.

Yes, you can do sales posts and you should do sales posts, but they should be less and not more. Aim for one or two a week at most and make them creative. People expect you to sell but make it palatable and acceptable.

I don’t want your inbox message

No matter the social platform, you will always receive inbox messages that no matter how they are worded are trying to sell to you. Some are blatant whilst others less so, but they are a sales message.

Here is what I do. Ignore. It’s a cold call, and I am not interested.

Let me tell you what most people do. Ignore. It’s a cold call, and they are not interested.

Do not make inbox selling part of your social strategy. The end.

Remember learning styles

When it comes to people consuming your content, we know that people learn differently and therefore will be more attracted to some content more than others. This means the way we communicate through our social media platforms needs to vary. Here are some examples:

  • Text-based that educates your audience with a professional image to accompany the text
  • A video that teaches or shows your authority
  • An informative image/infographic with a small snippet of accompanying text
  • A showreel demonstrating what you do and the difference you make
  • A simple question looking for interaction

Your content will always attract different people and segments of your audience depending on their style and preference so ensure you vary your content to reach these different segments.

Reels and stories

Reels and stories are the post types that are the most popular at this present time. They are easy to consume and more entertainment focussed and need to be part of your social plan.

They don’t have to be all singing and all dancing, in fact, one of the bonuses is they can be raw. They don’t have to be ultra-slick and professionally produced. Use them to share an insight into your day, what you are working on, links to latest releases and sharing valuable knowledge.

These simple posts can be some of the most effective you share.

Include proof

We live in a review society where people want to know you are good before they hand over their hard-earned cash. This means it’s important that you show your audience that you are good. Don’t you tell them, instead, prove it.

The way to do this is:

  • Share reviews from your happy clients
  • Post videos of clients saying how good you are
  • Create case studies of recent jobs
  • Take videos of projects in progress
  • Showcase your latest work and the quality of it

This is easier for some industries than others but no matter what we do, we can all prove we are good at what we do.

Be social

Social media involves the word social for a reason. Behind every post is a person and it’s important to remember this. In every piece of content, you create ensure you are making it personable and relatable. You are talking to people; it just so happens you are doing it through a device.

It’s also really important that you reply to comments, engage with your audience and interact, if not you can be seen as rude. As a business owner, social media platforms are another way to network with your potential clients so it’s important to be seen as a professional and interested in them and not just another sale.

Don’t spread yourself too thin

You don’t have to be hammering every social media platform. Often, we are so desperate to be seen everywhere we end up being seen nowhere. Look at the social platforms where your target audience are hanging out and focus on those. It’s not about which is your favourite platform but where you can get the most engagement and interaction. Those are the platforms that you need to throw your resources behind.

When it comes to social media it’s not about who works the hardest, but who works the smartest.

Look for interaction

Some of the content you post needs to have one purpose only – interaction. Sometimes these posts can seem quite random and pointless, but they are far from it. For social platforms to keep you appearing on people's feeds they need to see interaction so now and again, give them what they want.

Create some posts that are purely going to get interaction from your followers. Yes, you won’t make a sale and you are not educating people but not every post has to do this. Simply aim for interaction so you are ensuring other posts you create are also seen by your potential clients.


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