20 Point Check

Once we have finished the design and build of your website, then comes the quality control. Every website that we send live we want it to get results. There are no cutting corners – it’s about producing websites that work.

Before any website goes live this is the Choose Purple 20-point check.

  • 1. It has to be responsive

    We will test your new website on different sized screens and devices to see how it looks. With more than 70% of your audience viewing your website on phones and tablets it’s important that the site is fully responsive and works as it should.

  • 2. Browser tests

    There are multiple web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Edge. Each of these different browsers will display your website slightly differently. We need to go through each browser to ensure all is as it should be.

  • 3. The Google factor

    Every website wants to be found on Google – are we right?

    To help you achieve this, it’s important that SEO is in place. Every website that we release has basic SEO in place on the backend of your website. This will be done before the green light is pressed on your new site.

  • 4. Facebook, Twitter and the whole social crew

    With social media more important than ever, as long as you have social profiles setup we want to connect them to your website.

    We will ensure these are in place and that the links are working for you.

  • 5. Let's make contact

    We will go through your new website and test all the contact forms, so that when people want to contact you, they can do so with ease.

  • 6. It's email setup time

    It’s now time to register your email accounts.

    You decide which emails addresses you would like to use and we make that happen for you, it’s as easy as that.

  • 7. We want sales!

    Everyone wants sales from their website and I am sure you are no different.

    Before we send the website live we want to look over the website from a marketing perspective and if we feel any tweaks are needs to give the website that marketing edge then we will make those suggestions to you.

  • 8. 404

    Sometimes a visitor can arrive at you your website, but they don’t really make it. Maybe they have typed your website address slightly wrong or clicked on a bad link on someone else’s website. You don’t want a website visitor to see an horrific looking error warning, instead they see our 404.

  • 9. Speedy

    It’s important that your website is running as fast as possible. Google advises that websites should load within 5 seconds so that is our aim.

    The quicker that your website loads, the better the experience for all your visitors so we will use our tools to ensure your users are not left waiting.

  • 10. Validate code and CSS

    We believe that a website should have clean code. We will simply scan your website pages to make sure there are no errors that have appeared.

  • 11. Font issues

    Sometimes font codes can get dropped into a page by accident and make your wording not look as it should. We check to ensure that all the formatting is 100% consistent.

  • 12. Submit sitemap to Google

    Google cannot rank a site that they don’t know exists, so we ensure your site is connected directly to Google so that is can start to appear as soon as possible.

  • 13. Let's get analytical

    After we have submitted your website to Google, we can then ensure that you have website analytics in place. Google Analytics is a free tool to show you everything you need to know about your website visitors.

    It’s important that you can track how your website is performing.

  • 14. Get your SSL in place

    An SSL certificate ensures that when people come to your website and input their details, their data is encrypted so it cannot be stolen.

    An SSL certificate is vital for every website which is why it’s part of our 20 point check.

  • 15. Which hosting?

    We have three hosting packages that you can choose from depending on your requirements because it’s important to us that you have what you need.

    We will talk you through these before you go live so you have the right package that works for you.

  • 16. Policies - they have to be done

    To comply with legislation, you now need certain policies including on your website, if not, you could be in trouble.

    We will work with you to ensure you have the correct polices in place depending on the sort of website you have.

  • 17. Don't get lost

    It’s our job to ensure that people can find their way around your website so they can find what they want. The last thing we want is a new website that has broken links or wrong pages.

  • 18. Access denied

    You want to be able access your new website, right!?

    We will create your accounts so you have access to your website should you want to make any tweaks or changes in the future.

  • 19. Favicon

    When people view your website, we want to ensure that on the tab at the top of your browser you have a Favicon. This is a small branded emblem next to your website name.

    Google prefer websites that have this so getting this in place before you go live is important.

  • 20. Redirects

    If you have a current website in place then we will setup page redirects so that any SEO you have gained in the past is not lost as you progress forwards.


We create beautiful websites and love doing it. Whatever your project, we would love to discuss how we can help you.